The Shining Stars students will have a fun filled last
month of school! Throughout the month of May, the
students will learn about various community helpers
with a focus on the roles of members of the military,
fire fighters, and those that work in grocery stores,
doctor’s offices, and in waste management. We have
had some exciting visits from guest speakers in
connection with our unit already and we look forward
to more this month! The students will also have the
opportunity to act out the various roles of community
helpers through play and learn more about their work
through children’s literature. The Shining Stars will
also be busy getting ready for their end of year
ceremony. We will also have a “Fun in the Sun” day
which should be a very special day of fun at school
for the students. More information to follow on both
of those events. Thank you for a wonderful year and
we are so excited to welcome back our returning
students next year! To those who will be moving on
we will miss you! While our Pre-K is currently full, we
still have space in our 3-4 year old Shining Stars’ class
for next year if you know anyone who might be
interested in our preschool for the 2024-25 school
year. Thank you!