We Support.

We know that it can feel daunting for survivors during medical & legal proceedings.
We’re here for you.

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We are dedicated to delivering free, confidential, and ethical services that support and empower victims, survivors, and their non-offending significant others. Let us help you navigate the path of assistance and healing, together.

Support Services

We have services available to help you begin to heal:


  • Supportive, individual counseling is available for sexual assault survivors and their non-offending partners.
  • Appointments are free and confidential.
  • Appointment is required – please call 717-258-4324 to schedule.

Support Group

We have services to help you navigate the medical and legal system:

Medical & Legal Advocacy:

  • We offer services to support and guide you through the challenges of the medical and legal processes around sexual assault.
  • Medical accompaniment to for survivors of assault.
  • Victim advocates can help and be with you when working with law enforcement officials, the judicial system and court proceedings.

We offer help for those in abusive situations:

Sexual Violence Protection Orders:

  • Sexual Violence Protection Orders (SVPO) are designed to protect victims of sexual violence from further abuse and/or intimidation by their abuser, regardless of whether or not criminal charges have been filed.
  • Protection From Abuse Orders (PFA’s) are designed to protect victims from further violence and/or intimidation by their abuser, regardless of whether or not criminal charges have been filed.
  • We work in conjunction with Mid-Penn Legal Services and county agencies.
  • We provide needed support during court proceedings and hearings.
  • Call 1-888-727-2877 or 717-258-4324 for assistance.

How to support a friend or loved one

It can be difficult knowing what to do when a friend or loved one discloses a sexual assault. We are here to help. If someone you know is looking for support:

  • Believe them
  • Do not ask investigative questions
  • Suggest a medical examination at their closest emergency medical facility
  • Provide information to their local police department
  • Connect them to their local sexual assault advocate to provide support and inform them of their rights.

Call together at 1-888-727-2877 for more information on rights, services, in-person accompaniments and more. We offer in-and-out of county information and referrals.