Racial Equity.
Gender Equity.
Everyday. Everywhere.

YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism and realize gender equity.

YWCA Carlisle & Cumberland County (YWCCC) is dedicated to helping build an anti-racist mindset in our communities. YWCCC’s Racial Justice Coalition focuses on the elimination of racism and other social issues in the community by creating opportunities for community members to participate in education programs and activities that directly promote anti-bias attitudes and behaviors. We meet monthly and are committed to conversations that lead to an actionable change in our community.

To people of color,
To indigenous people,
To immigrants & refugees,
To women,
To the LGBTQ+ community,
To survivors of sexual assault,
To people with disabilities:

Your life matters.
You belong.
You are welcome.
You are valued.
YWCA Carlisle & Cumberland County stands with you.

Stand Against Racism Challenge: 21-days to form new habits, a gathering of adults working towards racial equity.




 Martin’s Mission: free celebration for kids in kindergarten – 5th grades on Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Youth Leadership Conference: annual conference empowering Central PA’s High School students through conversations about racial equity.




Our Partners in Racial Justice in our community:


Not in Our Town Carlisle – https://www.movingcircles.org/niot/about

Greater Carlisle Community Responders Network (CRN) – https://www.movingcircles.org/crn/about

Our Racial Justice Programming is made possible by our Founding Sponsor, Giant.