Empowering Dignity Through Period Products

At our core, we believe in the power of dignity. Every individual, regardless of circumstance, deserves access to essential menstrual products. Our mission is to break down barriers, ensuring that no one faces the indignity of inadequate supplies. We strive to empower, uplift, and restore dignity—one period at a time.

The Pad Pantry Project

The Pad Pantry Project is our initiative to provide free period products to those in need. We offer a safe space where anyone can access these essentials without questions or judgment. Beyond just hygiene, we recognize that menstrual products are a fundamental aspect of holistic well-being. The project extends its support to local school bathrooms, ensuring that students can navigate their school days confidently.

Everyone in Need and You

Our outreach is inclusive—everyone in need is welcome. Whether you require assistance or want to contribute, you are a crucial part of our community. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of everyone who needs access to essential period products.

YWCA Carlisle & Cumberland County and Local Schools

Discover our products at YWCA Carlisle & Cumberland County and local schools. Our physical locations serve as hubs of empowerment and support.

Join the Pad Pantry Project and be a part of a movement that transcends hygiene—it’s about empowering individuals, fostering dignity, and creating a community where everyone thrives.

Want to donate products or organize a drive? Contact Khaliyah Malloy Kmalloy@ywcacarlisle.org

You can also purchase products from our Amazon wishlist HERE!


How can I contribute: product donations or monetary donations?

Both types of donations play vital roles! Product donations allow us to provide immediate assistance to those in need. Monetary donations, on the other hand, enable us to order additional items and cover operational costs, ensuring sustained support.

What products are needed?

All types are welcome, as long as they are individually wrapped. Most requested are non-scented products. Whether it’s disposable pads, tampons, washable cloth pads, or menstrual cups, we appreciate them all.

Can I donate opened packages?

Certainly! We accept opened packages, provided the products are individually wrapped. Please secure them in plastic bags, clearly labeled with the product type and quantity.

I want to host a period product supply drive. Where do I start?

Fantastic! Whether you’re an individual or an organization, you can help support the Pad Pantry. To kickstart the process, email the project manager at KMalloy@ywcacarlisle.org with any inquiries.

Do you accept used washable or reusable products?

We do not accept used washable or reusable products.