Racial Equity.
Gender Equity.
Everyday. Everywhere.

YWCA is on a mission to eliminate racism and realize gender equity.

YWCA Carlisle & Cumberland County (YWCCC) is dedicated to helping build an anti-racist mindset in our communities. YWCCC’s Racial Justice Coalition focuses on the elimination of racism and other social issues in the community by creating opportunities for community members to participate in education programs and activities that directly promote anti-bias attitudes and behaviors. We meet monthly and are committed to conversations that lead to an actionable change in our community.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a racially motivated incident of hate or violence, please contact the Carlisle Community Responders Network at CarlisleCRN@yahoo.com.

To people of color,
To indigenous people,
To immigrants & refugees,
To women,
To the LGBTQ+ community,
To survivors of sexual assault,
To people with disabilities:

Your life matters.
You belong.
You are welcome.
You are valued.
YWCA Carlisle & Cumberland County stands with you.

Until Justice Just Is 2024

Fostering Equity through YWCA Carlisle and Cumberland County

At YWCA, our commitment is unwavering: we aim to eradicate racism and empower women. Recognizing that true empowerment demands a confrontation of systemic racism, we actively engage each day by shedding light on the consequences of institutional and structural racism. We foster a sense of community among those dedicated to promoting racial justice.

This year, our Until Justice Just Is campaign revolves around the theme Building Bridges to Equity. Aligned with the topics for the 2024 YWCA Racial Justice Challenge, the focus areas include:

Bodily Autonomy
Women’s Financial Empowerment/Caregiving
Gun Violence

Scheduled throughout the entirety of April, this year’s campaign features the YWCA Racial Justice Challenge from April 1 to 29. Join us throughout the month as we spotlight YWCA Local Association events and initiatives. Together, let’s inspire and engage our network of activists, advocates, and allies, advancing racial justice collectively.

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Our Partners in Racial Justice in our community:

MOVING CIRCLES is a group of volunteers who are creating a caring and learning  through conversation. We are building what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called the “Beloved Community” in Carlisle, PA.

Moving Circles meets monthly at YWCA Carlisle & Cumberland County to address issues of racial injustice happening in Cumberland County, and issues of racial justice happening anywhere.

Visit Moving Circle's Website

For more information, please contact movingcircles@yahoo.com

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The Greater Carlisle Community Responders Network (CRN)

What we do

CRN offers support and care to anyone harmed as a result of a bias or hate incident. We hold the feelings, wishes, and concerns of community members who are targets as our guidepost to any next steps. We offer support and advocacy centered around what they wish.

Response networks primarily

  • Offer support and other resources for community members who are targets of hate and bias.
  • Mobilize the community in response to incidents, with a focus on building unity and defusing situations.
  • Monitor incidents of hate and bias, maintain a record, and report to appropriate agencies.
  • Communicate facts about incidents, guided by the needs and wishes of victims.
  • Collaborate with governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and key institutions in the community hoping to pinpoint problems, build trust and strong community relationships.
  • Monitor incidents of hate and bias, maintain a record, and report to appropriate agencies.

For more information, please contact CarlisleCRN@Yahoo.com.

Visit CRN's Website



Not In Our Town is a national movement to stop hate, address bullying, and build safe, inclusive communities for all.

Real change and solutions happen at the local level. The national Not In Our Town (NIOT) inspires and empowers local communities to form groups and develop local leadership by providing films, social media, educational and organizing tools.

Not In Our Town Carlisle is a grassroots group working to build a safe, inclusive, and welcoming community in the greater Carlisle area.

Not In Our Town Carlisle formed in February of 2019 in response to a hate group leafleting and recruiting in Carlisle. A handful of individuals arose from the Moving Circles Conversation – feeling called to stronger public outreach to ensure hate groups will not get a foothold in Carlisle. Everyday people in Carlisle started this movement. Everyday people keep it going.

Visit Not In Our Town's Website