Welcome to After the Bell!

After the Bell is an after school program for students to get help with homework, school assignments, and to socialize with other students! Each week offers a new and exciting activity to help foster an environment for growth, exploration, empowerment, and creativity.

The program is open to 2nd-8th graders, and helps to instill a sense of responsibility and educational growth! Activities vary week by week and help your child explore interests and creative outlets!

You child will participate in:

  • Academic Support
    • Homework assistance: Providing help with assignments and clarification on concepts covered in class.
    • Tutoring: Offering personalized support in subjects where students may need additional help or reinforcement.
    • Enrichment activities: Supplementing regular curriculum with advanced or specialized topics to enhance learning.
  • Life Skills Development
    • Time management: Teaching students how to prioritize tasks and manage their time effectively.
    • Organization: Promoting skills such as keeping track of assignments, materials, and schedules.
    • Study skills: Introducing strategies for effective studying, note-taking, and test preparation.
  • Social and Emotional Learning
    • Communication skills: Fostering effective communication and interpersonal skills through group activities and discussions.
    • Teamwork: Encouraging collaboration and cooperation through group projects and team-building exercises.
    • Emotional regulation: Providing tools and techniques to help students manage stress, cope with challenges, and develop resilience.
  • Physical Activity and Wellness
    • Sports and recreation: Offering opportunities for physical activity through sports, games, and outdoor play.
    • Stress relief: Incorporating relaxation techniques, mindfulness activities, and yoga to promote mental and emotional well-being.
  • Creative Expression
    • Arts and crafts: Encouraging creativity and self-expression through various artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, and sculpting.
    • Creative writing: Providing outlets for students to express themselves through storytelling, poetry, and journaling.

To Learn more about After the Bell contact kmalloy@ywcacarlisle.org.

To Register: download the registration form and return to kmalloy@ywcacarlisle.org or deliver to 301 G Street, Carlisle PA 17013