The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge has ended for 2021!

Thank you to the individuals and organizations who accepted our challenge. Our communities will benefit from your commitment to growth and racial equity.

We will be holding the challenge yearly each spring.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact

Thank you!

How to Advocate to State Law Makers

First, read the comments below by Carlisle Mayor Tim Scott. Second, go to and identify a social justice bill you think your representative should support. Third, using the tips below (after Mayor Scott’s remarks), write and mail a letter or email to your representative. To identify your legislator go to

Carlisle Mayor Tim Scott
Carlisle Walks 4 Asians
April 6, 2021

Good afternoon everyone. it’s good to see so many people out especially so many young people. I think about 30 years ago I was a young person – but not any more

Thank you any way.

I am here to say to you in no unequivocal terms that your elected and appointed leaders of Carlisle borough condemn all forms of hate, racism, violence, xenophobia, and discrimination against Asian Americans, period.

But as we know those actions and those words aren’t enough so here’s what I need you folks to do. I need you to use your Google machine, and I want you to look up legislation relating to hate crimes, all hate crimes, legislation relating to expanding civiI rights for victims of discrimination. And I want you to write those bill numbers down and I want you to contact your leaders in Harrisburg and in Washington DC and demand that they take a stand .
And I want you to write them, I want you to email them, and when it’s safe I want you go to their offices and sit to their offices until they see you and talk to you.

It’s not enough just to come to these- these are great- I want to thank Carlisle CAN and the Greater Carlisle Responders Network for organizing this march- but we need direct action, people. We’re good here at the Borough. We’ve got a wonderful Human Relations Commission. But more needs to be done on a state and national level and that’s where you come in. So please do that, and If you don’t know who any of these people are that are your leaders in Harrisburg and Washington email me and I’m happy to send you their contact information.

So on behalf of Borough Council, my deputy mayor Sean Schultz, who’s right there- I think Paula Bussard from the school board was here- are there any other elected leaders of Cumberland County here? Yes, yes- all these people! Pay attention! They’re here. They’re for you. The people that aren’t, are not.
Tips to advocating to law makers:

Be sure to include anecdotes in your letter/email or consider other means to individualize it. Stick to one topic. Keep letters to one page. In both letters and emails, be sure your name and address are included and legible. Keep a copy.