A partnership with the LEAF Project  at Grandview Court, connecting a community to the earth, to healthy eating and each other. We are working with community members to build their own gardens and create a network of people in the area who are excited about growing food! We are looking for families at Grandview Court who want to play in the dirt, learn about gardening and reap the rewards of a kitchen garden!


Growing Opportunities came out of a survey of Grandview Court residents, almost half of which said they wanted access to gardening education and healthy eating. Through our partnership with the Cumberland County Housing & Redevelopment Authority (cchra.com ) and The Leaf Project (http://www.leafprojectpa.org/), we have installed garden boxes in communal spaces at Grandview Court for residents to farm in their front yards! We will work with children and adults who live in Grandview Court to tend the gardens, from seed to harvest, and learn about the values and benefits of growing your own food.


Residents of Grandview Court who want to learn about agriculture, food production, gardening, healthy eating, active meditation and the environment. You must reside in Grandview Court to participate and harvest from the gardens. We need residents to help us weed, water and tend to the gardens all growing season, and especially in summer’s hottest months.

When & Where?

Beginning with planting seeds and seedlings in spring, and continuing until the last harvest in fall.