24 hr. Sexual Assault / Rape Crisis Hotline    1-888-727-2877

24 hr. Sexual Assault / Rape Crisis Hotline

Do Something: Stand for Justice


We stand in condemnation against the horrific acts committed against the LGBTQ community in Orlando, Florida, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the 5 Dallas, Texas police officers killed as well as the 7 injured. We stand in support of everyone working for justice, equal rights, freedom, and dignity for all people. We urge YOU to join us, not only in raising your voice but in taking ACTION.

Not sure where to start? Consider the following: Take action by lending your support to a local ordinance that will protect LGBTQ people in Carlisle from discrimination in housing, employment and public services. Pick up your phone and call legislators who support common sense gun laws. Support and vote for elected officials who recognize the need for gun law reform. Join and become an ally for groups that work to end bigotry and hate, like GLAAD, the SPLC, the ADL and YWCA Carlisle’s Racial Justice Committee. Denounce all forms of discrimination in your own life and in your presence. Speak up when you hear or see bigotry.

Do something. When hate happens, apathy will be in interpreted as acceptance. When we don’t take action, hate persists. It is our responsibility as members of this community and as members of the human race to rise up, speak up, and stand up against it.