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2017 Racial Justice Award Recipient Announced

  November 02, 2017

    While employed at YWCA Carlisle from April 2007 through February 2017, it goes without saying that Sonya was responsible for several programs born out of the YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism. However, her involvement with racial justice activities goes back over 20 years. Sonya’s efforts extended beyond the YWCA as she served on Hope Station’s board and currently serves on the board of the Carlisle Victory Circle. At YWCA Carlisle, our staff recognizes that our mission is tough. Both pillars require diligent efforts to keep difficult subjects at the forefront of our discussions. The work of racial justice particularly is a seemingly never-ending process with few rewards throughout the journey. We are most pleased to be able to recognize Sonya’s many achievements over the years by bestowing this year’s Racial Justice Award to her.