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Sexual Harassment at Work Training

Our training offers education and support to implement a holistic approach to preventing workplace sexual harassment.

About this program

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious and widespread problem.

Today, employers increasingly recognize the importance of taking proactive steps to create and sustain a safer workplace for their employees. Whether an employer is beginning to think about sexual harassment prevention for the first time or is building on long-standing prevention efforts within their workplace, our training and staff offer a wealth of expertise to guide and support employers in this work. Research shows that preventing workplace sexual harassment requires more than liability-focused employee training on definitions and policies. It requires shifting norms and changing behaviors within the workplace to create a culture of safety, equality, and respect.

Implementing a Holistic Sexual Harassment Prevention Program

Our center offers employers a customized training and consultation to:

Assess workplace climate related to sexual harassment prevention and policy; Strengthen workplace policies and procedures; Build employees knowledge about sexual harassment and skills as engaged bystanders; Enhance the abilities of managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals to respond to reports of sexual harassment and promote a safe and respectful workplace

What does the training involve?

Before the online and in-person training our staff will sit down with the employer for a consultation to go over the current sexual harassment policies and procedures so that the in-person training is relevant to workplace. The training content is spread across three sessions- one online and two in-person. The first session takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is an interactive online course introducing foundational knowledge about sexual harassment in the workplace. While the online training introduces general information, the follow-up in-person training is for both employees and supervisors and dives deeper into content that is specifically tailored to the workplace and workforce. The third hour long training is for supervisors and is designed take a closer look at the specific roles and responsibilities supervisors have for promoting respect, preventing harassment, and implementing workplace policy and procedures.

To find out more information on this training call or email our Prevention Education Coordinator at gdietrich@ywcacarlisle.org or (717) 243-3818.