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Racial Justice Award

Nominate A Racial Justice Advocate Today! Nominations accepted through September 5, 2018

About this program

Criteria & Nominations

YWCA Carlisle’s Racial Justice Award honors a community member, business or organization with outstanding commitment to eliminating racism and fostering social justice by removing barriers to equal access resulting in social advancement for all people. As a champion of racial justice, they seek opportunities to attain a common vision for peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people. YWCA Carlisle seeks nominations for residents of Cumberland County who meet the following criteria:

- The nominee models and exemplifies a commitment to inclusiveness and racial harmony in a way that strengthens race relations and works to achieve racial justice, AND/OR
- The nominee actively leads efforts (examples: organizing a rally/march, developing or leading a program) to address racism within their community, place of work, institutions, community agency, etc., AND/OR

- The nominee actively volunteers with other agencies, committees or organizations to eliminate racism within their community, AND/OR

- The nominee actively advocates addressing institutional and structural racism (examples: lobbying for legislation change or repeal, meeting with politicians)