24 hr. Sexual Assault / Rape Crisis Hotline    1-888-727-2877

24 hr. Sexual Assault / Rape Crisis Hotline


Get to know the programs and services offered at YWCA Carlisle

YWCA Carlisle is on a MISSION to eliminate racism, empower women and girls, stand up for social and racial justice, help families, and strengthen communities. To this end, we offer a wide variety of programs for everyone…female and male…preschoolers to seniors!

To learn more and get involved, check out our preschool, summer camp, youth programs, adult classes, and racial justice program pages.

Our Adult Classes programs

Individual Yoga Therapy Session

Healing for all parts of your being

Mindful Monday:  A Six Week iRest Yoga Nidra Series

Explore the practice of Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra

Holistic Health Coaching with Bonnie Berk

Understand and embrance the ongoing process of building total health

Yoga & Meditation

Adult class to restore peace to your routine


Adult class to bring balance of body, mind and spirit


Adult Class to bring balance into the body