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Room Rentals

We have a variety of rental spaces to accommodate everything from birthday parties to fitness classes to group meetings!

About Rentals

A YWCA staff member must be present during hours requested for rental. Payment must be made prior to the use of the facility. We have several spaces available to rent: a board room and a Women’s Resource Center (meeting or social gathering) room that is perfect for bridal or baby showers. A full size kitchen is also available to complement the other rentals or to rent individually for a group class. WIFI access is now available in all meeting spaces.

YWCA Carlisle extends a 15% room rental discount to other local non-profit organizations. Verification of non-profit status may be requested.

How To Apply

Rentals are available from Monday - Saturday. Call 717-243-3818 and speak to the Administrative Assistant for more information.

Apply to rent


The gymnasium is currently under a long-term rental contract with Unleashed Potential and is not available for public rental at this time. Events arranged in conjunction with YWCA are still considered.

Women’s Resource Center

This comfortable room seats 20-30 people in a cozy, living room setting. Perfect for bridal & baby showers, small exercise classes, etc. The cost is $25/hour with set-up of chairs and tables available for an additional $25. WIFI access is now available in all of our meeting spaces.

Board room

The board room comfortably seats 20 to 25 around a large table. This room is perfect for business meetings and workshops and works well for the use of a projector. WIFI access is now available in all of our meeting spaces. There is also a compact refrigerator in this space.


Full-size kitchen is available as the perfect complement to other rentals. The cost is $25 flat fee if being used in conjunction with any other room rental. Use of this space alone is $35/hour. Kitchen use include access to a large refrigerator and a 6 burner gas stove with double ovens. Renters MUST specifically express a desire to use this space and appliances when making rental arrangements.